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freegan!me is the beginning of something new in the freegan community. A place where all the nice people can meet and exchange information in a simple but effective way. The Places function is intended to be used as a customized map to share interesting points for freegans. Interesting points can be Second Hand Shops, Public Wifi Hotspots, Restaurants, Dumpsters, Free Stores and many more. Please let us know if you need an additional category added to the map.

To organize your dumpster tours and find participant for any of your activities the MeetUp function is offering all the needed tools for you. You can create your meeting shedule, add photos and videos to it. It allows posting of information such as date, location, what will be discussed and so on. The organizer can post news items about a particular MeetUp. You can do a drill down search for MeetUp groups based on location. The broadcasting feature allows sending of messages to MeetUp group members. Members can invite other members or external friends to join a MeetUp group. MeetUp groups usually physically meet at particular venues for meetings, the organizer can list those venues on the MeetUp page. Many MeetUp groups have sponsors that contribute to them, they can be highlighted and promoted by listing them on the MeetUp page. Sponsors can offer perks to group members that can be in form of store discounts, free tickets etc.

Beside the Places and MeetUp functions you will find mandatory functions existing in social networks like Groups, and Events. You can share your Photos and Videos as well as your favorite Websites here on freegan!me. If you love to write your own Blog you are welcome to do so and let the community take part on your thoughts, dreams and adventures!

Now it is up to you to share your knowledge and experience with the family. Go and check out our community website "freegan!me - all about being freegan" to meet freegans all over the world and stay informed!

You can join the community with your Facebook account too. Just use theĀ FB Login button on top of the page.

This website is still work in progress. Ideas and feedback are welcome!!

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