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Make Your Bones Strong and Healthy

In today’s world, unhealthy lifestyle habits like poor diet and lack of physical activity have taken a toll on a human life. There are several diseases that affect human being as the age progresses. And amongst them, osteoporosis is a common disease, wherein the bones lose their mass and mineral density, especially in women who attain their menopausal age. To overcome such medical condition, females can use generic Fosamax, which also makes bones stronger and healthier.

Osteoporosis can affect any individual, irrespective of age and sex, but predominantly it is seen in females after menopause. That’s because they undergo certain hormonal changes that are physiological in nature. With these changes, the bone gradually loses its minerals and goes under atrophy. In initial stages, women are asymptomatic, but as the disease progresses, they start feeling pain in neck, back and joints with generalized weakness and no desire in performing daily activities. In older women, severe osteoporosis makes the bone brittle and weak, which is then susceptible to easy fracture.

Females can use Generic Fosamax to prevent and overcome osteoporosis, but after using it on regular basis and under the supervision of the physician. Generic Fosamax is meant for women and contains Alendronic acid, a class of bi-phosphonate drugs. Alendronic acid, also known as Alendronate, is a well-recognized drug for treating and preventing osteoporosis, which is pre-approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Let us check out how it works!

The working of generic Fosamax –

The active ingredient of this generic medicine is Alendronate that helps in making the bones stronger and healthier by acting on the bone matrix. Alendronic acid, after entering the body, stops the bone resorption and degeneration process. It ceases the elimination of essential minerals from the bones by getting into the bone structure. Alendronate is deposited in the bones in an inactive form; thereby, allowing the bone to reserve its mineral content. This is how generic Fosamax (Alendronate) works in strengthening the bones in long run.

The dosage and directions –

The dosage of generic Fosamax is 10 mg only once in day or 70 mg once in a week. This medicine is ought to be taken regularly without missing to reap its benefits. In case of missed or skipped dose, take it as soon as you remember or ask your doctor for further dosage. Physicians usually prefer this medicine on an empty stomach in the morning. The pill is to be taken wholly along with a glass full of water without crushing or breaking it, because doing so may reduce the drug efficacy. At the same time, one should not lie down immediately after taking the dose.

Usually, physicians prescribe calcium and vitamin D supplements along with this generic medicine. In such situation, one should keep a gap of 30 minutes between the dose of generic Fosamax and other medications. One may experience mild pain in jaw, nausea, headache and fatigue during the initial stages of treatment, which often go away as the therapy progresses. However, if they persist, ask your healthcare practitioner for further management.

Indeed, generic Fosamax is a boon for females who are susceptible to and suffering from osteoporosis. It is highly recommended to use it after seeking a medical advice, so that it can be used safely and effectively.

If your doctor has prescribed you this medication, you can purchase it easily by using a web pharmacy. One can buy generic Fosamax online without any effort through a reliable internet pharmacy, that too at a very competitive price. Moreover, a lot of time, money and energy can be saved by acquiring medications from online pharmacy store.

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