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Germany, Berlin 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Yorckstraße: Biggest Turkish market in Berlin for fruit and vegetables. Wednesdays and Saturdays around 16:30, just before they close, all the stands start selling crates of vegetables for 1 or 2 euros, and if you wait long enough, they often become free to pick up. Some 60% to 70% of this food is not of the greatest quality but you get a lot to select the best from. (Last checked: August 2009)

Germany, Berlin 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Mauerpark Flohmarkt: Often after the flea market on Sundays people leave the stuff they don't want to take home. Not consistent, but you can find clothes, nick-nacks, etc. left behind. Check after 17:00 or 18:00 when the market closes.

Israel, Tel Aviv-Yafo 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
At the end of the Friday's flea market in Jaffa you can find great stuff.

Belgium, Brussel 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Marché aux Puces: Chaque jours, vers 14h les vendeurs laissent des objets gratuits derrière eux.

France, Toulouse 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Marché Saint-Aubin: A relatively small mixed food and flea market on Sundays (7h - 13h30). (Last checked: December 2011)

Austria, Gemeinde Dornbirn 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
This is a Sutterlutty in Dornbirn, they have a dumpster open in the right entrance

Netherlands, Amsterdam 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Very popular spot for freegans on Saturday around 5pm, end of market. You'll see small groups of people scavenging. You can ask at some vendors, but also look around the huge pile of trash next to the market. Be wary of garbage men, they may get a bit aggressive from time to time. Don't argue if you want a good score. Market is organic and you can find some really nice things (tons of cheese, pots of olives, bread, fruits, veggies).

France, Nantes 03.04.2015 ArsiRC

Slovakia, Bratislava 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Miletička: This marketplace is a good place to stop by for free veggies and such (at the end of opening hours). Generally dumpsters near marketplaces are bountiful with veggies and fruit on Saturdays.

Australia, Melbourne 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Victoria Market: potatoes, zucchinis, red capsicums, radishes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, onions, chillies, parsley, loads of fruits, etc, etc... The market closes at 2pm Tuesday and Thursday after which time 'waste' fruit and veggies are dumped into square metal bins marked 'food waste only' which are located in the inbetween isles of the fruit and veg section. These bins are then emptied into a truck around 4pm so the best time to go is between 3 and 4pm on tues and thurs when the bins are the fullest but …