Places By Country: AU

Australia, Melbourne 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Pie Face: My backpacker mates have told me that if you ask if they need to get rid of any pies (usually after 2am) they will often give them to you for free. Not sure if they still do this, or which franchise they were successful at, but worth a try. There's a really friendly pommy guy at the Flinders St store late nights, perhaps try asking him.

Australia, Nowra 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
IGA dumpster post 10pm, has some food

Australia, Russell Island 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Wheelie bins are on the laneway behind the shopping strip. There is always good bread here, organic, gluten free, all the expensive ones that no one buys. This IGA destroys most items by slashing the packaging or emptying the contents but the bread is always untouched.

Australia, Blackwood 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Dumpsters on the right side of the fruit/veg store - most are unlocked, and I have occasionally found good fruit and veg in some of the dumpsters.

Australia, Hilton 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Fairly decent dumpster, go afterhours. Green waste is usually also separated. Have found heaps of stuff incl. meat, bread (always), berries and vegetables depending on season

Australia, Blackwood 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Woolworths dumpster - unlocked, no CCTV cameras around and located in darkness on the side of the parking lot by the store. Have found plenty of sealed and unsealed fruit and vegetables in here.

Australia, West Melbourne 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Coles: Its kind of hidden away. I guess you can go anytime, since there aren't people there. Lots of groceries

Australia, Fairfield 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Baker's Delight Fairfield: Plenty of bread and baked goods in these bins out back. Unlocked.

Australia, Camberwell 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Coles: Inside The Well shopping mall, has containers in the back of the building but they seem not accessible.

Australia, Fremantle 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Bodhi's Bakehouse: Containers seem to be unlocked at all times. This place might be of interest to the people who search for gluten-free bread as part of their production is gluten-free.