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Poland, Lublin 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Biedronka: Some people are already coming here. You can expect plenty of vegetables and fruits. Milk products are always in bad condition. Be aware that there is a camera, however we never had problems. Leave the space clean and the place should continue to work for other divers.

Poland, Kraków 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Wholesale market. Every kind of veggies and fruits can be found in dumpsters. Sometimes you can find a treasure but another time just one big nothing. Worth trying anyways. Go at early morning.

Poland, Lublin 03.04.2015 ArsiRC

Poland, Lublin 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Decathlon: Usually they are throwing products without guarantee but before that damaging them by cutting one side (of shoe for example) with a sharp knife. However you can find sometimes treasures like good trekking shoes or trampoline.

Poland, Warszawa 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Hale Mirowski: Large market, you can usualy find a lot of vegetables and fruits in the dumpsters.

Poland, Kraków 02.04.2015 ArsiRC
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