Places By Country: SK

Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Kaufland: Has one metal bin next to a big compactor where you can find some vegetables and fruit in not so nice condition (at least if it was sunny).

Slovakia, Liptovský Mikuláš 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Hypernova: Was the main source of supplies during Hitchgathering 2013. Although you can get huge amounts of food there, BE CAREFUL WITH SECURITY AND DON'T GO ALONE! You will need to squeeze under the gate (which is just about 3m away from the bin) and the office of the security company is located so that you´re easily spotable (happened twice) by them when you´re walking across the yard. better be prepared and only quickly move from the fence to the big green bin and hide behind it. Then one person opens th…

Slovakia, Bratislava 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Miletička: This marketplace is a good place to stop by for free veggies and such (at the end of opening hours). Generally dumpsters near marketplaces are bountiful with veggies and fruit on Saturdays.