Places By Country: US

United States, Cleveland 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Aldie dumpster - unlocked, easy access, plentiful. Usually fruits and veg, sometimes meat. The nearby restaurants often have late night activity.

United States, Parma Heights 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Save-A-Lot's dumpster - This has a lock, but no one seems to actually use it. It's also very close of the police department, but no cameras or private property signs. The veggie and fruit from here is iffy at best but there is sometimes other things, like cake. Will need to hop in to get most of it.

United States, Brooklyn 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Only really accessible dumpster is one behind michaels, and some of the cardboard bins. Almost all the other stores have compactors or bins with locks on them. There is also a private property sign at both road entrances to behind these stores.

United States, Middleburg Heights 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Dunkin Donuts - the dumpster faces Engle Rd and is visible from the intersection. Hardly a car in the wee hours though. Donuts are usually in good condition!

United States, Strongsville 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
The goodies are in the dumpster behind the wooden fence - no locks. When checked on a Monday night it had a bag half-full of mixed donuts and bagels, but it was unfortunately mixed with some trash. If you don't mind some coffee/ coffee grinds on your donuts, all is well.

United States, Middleburg Heights 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Krispy Kream donuts - was unlocked easy access when I passed by, bin is away from bldg. Donuts may be crushed by weight of other donuts, but there are a lot of them!

United States, Berkeley 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Small free library on a street corner.

United States, Boston 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
The ReStore at Massachusetts College of Art + Design is located in the basement of the Kennedy building (as of March 2010). It is open MWF from 1-3 and T, Th from 5-7pm, with additional hours depending on the semester. Everything is free and it is a great source of both practical and art supplies, tape, paint, wood, metal, electronics, clothes and more! ALL FREE ALL THE TIME!

United States, Boston 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Boston ReStore: Free store for qualifying individuals and non-profits.

United States, Austin 03.04.2015 ArsiRC
Texas French Bread - This place has some of the best bread in Austin and they frequently give it away around close. It's best to call ahead since there are some nights that they regularly give it to specific organizations. There is a large quantity of be prepared.